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Imagine a place where people could go and just create and test - build cars and see how fast they would go, build a plane and see if it would take off into the sky. A place with a social scene more desirable than Wimbledon or Ascot, where the roar from the engines thundered under your feet and pioneers tested flying machines above your head.


Brooklands was the hub of innovation and adventure. On the site of the World’s first purpose-built race track (and first British Grand Prix!), Brooklands was established as the home of British Motorsport and Aviation by extraordinary local people. John Cobb, famed for setting the land speed record of 134mph – he was from Esher. Barnes Wallis, the man that invented the Stratosphere Chamber and Bouncing Bombs – he was from Byfleet. And the supersonic bird of the sky Concorde, you guessed it – conceived and mostly built in Weybridge.